Adhesives Hybridizing to Meet New Needs of Industries and Installers

Posted on 4/21/2020 10:26:11 AM By ASC

Against the background of a world increasingly turning to adhesives as the best way to replace traditional methods and speed up and simplify assembly, bonding and installation, the adhesives industry is responding and offering innovative solutions. Different needs and demands from both the suppliers, who are themselves in search of new markets, and the end users, who are seeking simpler and faster solutions, are leading to constant development, adaptation and hybridization. And leading the adhesive revolution is UV light curing.

The changes being made affect the materials involved and how they are used; how they are applied; and how they are cured, as users demand new properties such as increased speed of application and curing, as well as more adhesive resilience and strength, and improved appearance; and suppliers scramble for innovation that will fit currently unmet needs and create new markets.

The new wave of adhesives has both met the needs of new sectors such as EV assembly, and breathed new life into old ones such as the flooring industry’s vinyl floor tiles, planks, and carpet and ceramic tiles. It’s also eased the process of assembling miniature components on the circuit boards of cell phones and other similar electronic items; changed product and package labelling considerably; and simplified repairing pipeline cracks by replacing the need for mechanical welds with adhesive wraps, to name just a few.

At the forefront of the changes on both sides is the introduction of UV light curing, and the increasing use of less complex one-component adhesives which match advanced precision with increased speed of application.

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