Adhesives Deliver Innovative Solutions to Nike, Coach, Athletica

Posted on 12/8/2015 9:53:41 AM By ASC

Brands like Nike, Coach and Athletica are facing labor shortages, most recently in China, previously a go-to destination for outsourced sewing and stitching work. But adhesives technology is stepping into the breach.  Bemis Associates offers sew-free alternatives in the form of adhesives, allowing designers to create new products that don’t call for sewing or stitching.

Adhesives allow for bonding with heat and pressure, enabling designers to ‘ditch the stitch’ to deliver more durable products than traditional, stitched designs. Additionally, lighter weight products can be produced utilizing innovative adhesive technologies.

Bemis traditionally specialized in adhesives used for labeling and in footwear manufacture, but has been targeting its efforts at the apparel manufacturing market during the last 30 years, winning over big brands like Tory Burch and Coach.

Apart from enabling greater design creativity and quality, the adhesives may be instrumental in helping apparel manufacturers to overcome the looming Chinese labor shortage.