Adhesives Critical to Toxic Lead Cleanup After Notre Dame Fire

Posted on 9/19/2019 7:04:48 AM By ASC

Adhesives are playing an important role in combating the toxic fallout of lead particles after a fire in April destroyed the roof and spire of the 850-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral in France which contained about 300 tons of lead. Response teams reacting to the threat created when toxic particles of molten lead showered down on surrounding areas, including schoolyards, turned to adhesive gels to trap the toxic lead particles for later removal and disposal.

According to the Star Tribune, tests on 162 Paris schoolchildren set aside initial belief that the lead would not pose a danger to residents and scholars, by revealing that one local schoolchild was already at risk of lead poisoning, and a further 16 were hovering on the borderline of risk status. To prevent further risk of poisoning, workers wearing protective garments sprayed adhesives on benches, roofs, and an entire school playground area, to absorb and trap the toxic particles. The contaminated adhesive layer would then be removed from benches and roofs once absorption was complete. At the school, the entire top layer of the playground surface was removed and replaced.

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