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Posted on 4/4/2012 1:00:10 PM By Bob Braun

Hi Folks,

This is the first of many Blogs we will be initiating on the new ASC web site. 

I appreciate the opportunity to share 40 years of experience and history in the coatings, adhesives, and sealants industry through the ASC Blog. You can review my history and experience with a click on the photo. In addition, I worked for Sherwin Williams from 1968 to 1973 in both analytical research and as a formulator for latex coatings. As the founding member for the Foam Sealants task group within the General Sealants Subcommittee ASTM C24.20 (circa 1997), I realized the need for consensus standards for the foam sealants industry which had previously not developed any ASTM Standards. In 2000, I was asked by the C24.20 chair to form a new Subcommittee exclusively for the development of foam sealant standards. Since then, our Foam Sealants Subcommittee, ASTM C24.61, has developed the Foam Sealant Specification (ASTM C1620) plus three Test Methods and one Guide.

In this first of many blogs I want to preview my approach to future posts.  The focus will be on both adhesives and sealants that are used in commercial and residential construction for wall, roof, below grade, and interior applications.  We will explore the product mix as well as standards and issues related to each application.

In this first blog I will describe the adhesive and sealant products that are used in maintaining the continuity of the air barrier system for commercial and residential wall assemblies of buildings.  I would be happy to receive comments on additional sealant or adhesive products which I do not list in the first blog.  In the next blog I will go into detail with application examples and photos for several of these products.  In addition I will explore the standards germane to this industry.  However, first I want to list the many associations that are involved with testing and creating specifications for air barrier systems. 

Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) -- The association coordinating education and training in air barrier issues

Air Barrier Association of America (AABA) -- Various programs for product testing and certification for all materials used in building systems

ASTM E06: Assembly tests for air barrier systems and air leakage standards for buildings

ASTM C24: Material test and Specification for joint filling materials

CAN/CGSB 51.93 -- Air Barrier Materials

CAN/ULC -- Several Standards for various foams, foam sealants, and sealants―Air Permeance

Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) Standards for Spray foams applied and used as sealants

Canadian Construction Materials Council (CCMC) – Performance reports many related materials

The adhesive product types used in air barrier systems:

  1. Roll on adhesives used to secure the weather barrier during installation and to prevent damaging movement during high wind events.
  2. Tube type or mastic adhesives used to help secure various types of insulation board to the.
  3. Adhesives used on the many weather barriers and flashing sealing tapes also used for building sheathing joints.

The sealant product types used in air barrier systems:

  1. Aerosol foam sealant used to insure continuity with many types of penetrations in the wall including window perimeters.
  2. Many elastomeric sealant types used to seal wall penetrations especially on the exterior façade.
  3. Interior wall sealing of utility penetrations within the stud cavity…requiring a recognized Fireblocking sealant product
  4. Sealing of utility penetrations through and within the wall cavity…requiring an accredited Firestopping product
  5. Structural sealants for commercial glazing.
  6. Sealant used in the construction of window, door, and other wall penetration assemblies.

I hope that many will feel free to expand on any areas in this first blog.  Building air leakage control is a growing and already a primary end use for adhesives and sealants and I hope to greatly expand the discussion on this subject going forward.

Many Thanks,

Bob Braun

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