Adhesives Allow Micro Cellular Antennas a Safe and Secure Future

Posted on 2/13/2020 7:56:47 AM By ASC

The usual conception of an antenna may be that of a large external pole supported by wires and sometimes mounted on cement to survive the wind. Now, Linx Technologies has introduced a FPC series ground plane independent dipole antenna no taller than 0.2mm that can be positioned anywhere in the house and stay safe with the help of its adhesive backing. According to Linx once settled in it will receive wideband cellular signals of the same strength as those from an external giant.

The company reports that using 3M 467MP/200MP pressure sensitive tape adhesive as the backing on its miniature antenna means it can be safely attached to any non metal object and placed in enclosures or areas where it will be free of tampering or accidental damage.

The antennas are connected with a coxial cable and compatible plug connector to the radio which receives the wideband fast cellular connections 2G/3G/4G for Cellular Internet of Things, (LTE-M/Cat-M1, NB-IoT) as well as low-powered wide-area applications, GNSS/Navigation, and even for unlicensed applications such as WiFi/WLAN and Bluetooth. It’s also suitable for Smart Home Networking, Citizens Band Radio Service, FirstNet Public Safety, and Gateways.

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