Adhesive Tapes Critical to Keeping up with Increased E-Commerce Demands in a COVID-19 World

Posted on 2/24/2021 4:54:08 PM By Adhesive Magazine

Even before the onset of Covid-19 in 2020, e-commerce was already on an upward growth curve, but since the start of the pandemic and introduction of lock downs its growth has been spiraling even higher. This has led to increasing demands for efficiency, sustainability and security being placed on the packing and shipping sectors, as well as on the adhesive industry which provides the adhesive tapes which seal the cartons and secure the products bought on line and them delivered to homes.

Meeting these demands has resulted in packing companies increasingly using automated systems to deliver the correct amount of wipe-down force for a considerable part of the adhesive tape’s adhesive to be buried n the fibre inside cartons. This ensures that the seals are consistent, strong and secure enough to protect the larger and more valuable products, as well as the more vulnerable ones such as food and beverages, which are accounting for an increasingly large part of home deliveries, as well as reducing the number of open returns and amount of packaging waste.

Pressure-sensitive adhesives and tapes, and particularly hot-melt packaging tapes, have come to the fore in response to these demands placed on packaging’s supply chains by offering robust box-sealing tape solutions with new and advanced adhesive formulations to ensure strong bonding with new substrates such as recycled corrugated packaging.