Adhesive Tapes Critical for Instrument Panel and Display Bonding

Posted on 11/27/2019 9:45:56 AM By ASC

Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) are an increasing source of concern when it comes to finding the right adhesives for bonding in the design and assembly of instrument panels and displays. This, according to 3M, is because substrates are becoming lighter, and the number and value of components involved in instrument panels is growing as mobile devices and instruments evolve.

Along with these changes comes increasing difficulty when it comes to creating bonds with the same levels of accuracy and efficiency. The company reports that the most effective way to deal with the problem is by using adhesive transfer and/or double-coated tapes. These use pressure-sensitive adhesives, require no squeeze out or curing, and can be easily used to create bonds accurately and in the right place.

To meet the display needs of mobile devices, the company has developed a special group of tapes, including Conformable Double-Coated Tapes aimed at providing consistent and lasting anti-lift bonding to display and touch screens, regardless of whether they are flat or curved.

According to the 3M, its VHB Tapes, which are similar to those long used for automotive trim,  help combat NVH because the viscoelastic acrylic foam at their core resists vibration and impact. These tapes, which use a modified acrylic adhesive, also provide a permanent seal against contaminants and moisture.