Adhesive Tape Solutions to Meet the Packing Industry’s Shift to Sustainable Cartons

Posted on 3/3/2021 1:45:02 PM By Adhesive Magazine

The decision by e-commerce packing and shipping companies to shift their focus onto sustainable and biodegradable cartons in response to the sustainability shift taken by many of the companies whose goods will ultimately be packed in them, has given rise to increased demands on how the adhesive tapes which are used to seal and protect the cartons are formulated. 

This, in turn has resulted in adhesive tape manufacturers focusing on new and reformulated adhesives that will perform well on different substrates and in different situations. At the same time, these manufacturers are increasing awareness of the importance of using the right tape for the right application and applying it correctly to ensure efficiency and avoid waste.

The challenge for adhesives manufacturers lies mainly in the materials packing companies are using to manufacture eco-friendly and biodegradable cartons which can be circulated throughout the ecosystem. This has resulted in a steady growth in the use of recycled cardboard, which often contains considerable amounts of previously recycled fibres, leading to new and evolving substrates and on-going formulation changes in the adhesives tapes used to seal them. 

Overall, hot-melt adhesive tapes appear to best meet the situation. They bond instantly and permanently to the substrate; have higher shear strength; and offer quick adhesion which is sometimes so strong it requires a special release coating on the tape’s backing. This makes it easier to unroll, and prevents tearing and waste during application, particularly when applied automatically.