Adhesive Tape Helped Protect Hong-Kong Residents from Typhoon Damage

Posted on 10/22/2018 11:47:22 AM By ASC

With super typhoon Mangkhut approaching, Hong Kong residents rushed to buy adhesive tape. By sticking tape onto window glass, they hoped to strengthen it. Local newspaper Nandu Daily confirmed that adhesive tape could help glass to resist higher wind. Even if the glass were to break, the tape would help to prevent splinters from scattering, reducing the chance of injury.

Different residents had different ideas as to how to use the tape. Some said that a square of tape worked best, while others preferred crosses. Meanwhile, some Hong Kong locals got creative, sticking the tape onto the glass in the shapes of cartoon characters or messages. Some of these were serious: “Withstand Maghukut,” is one example. Others chose to show their stoicism with witty messages picked out in tape.

However, despite differing window-tape styles and ideas, all the adhesive tape adherents had a common aim: to protect the window glass and,failing that, to make the broken glass less dangerous.

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