Adhesive “Tacky” Mats Keep Dirt and Debri out of Critical Cleanroom & Production Sites

Posted on 8/26/2021 9:07:08 AM By ASC

A new form of an adhesive enabled sticky entrance mat has been developed for areas such as laboratories, cleanrooms, food production sites, ingredient stores, and construction sites. Cleanliness is vital in these areas because dust, dirt, and debris tracked on the soles of shoes and the wheels of trolleys and dollies can challenge the outcome of processes, experiments, and materials. 


The Tacky Mat, a doormat with an adhesive surface, is designed to catch and hold any fine dirt found on soles or wheels as they pass over it to cut back on the amount of dirt and contaminants entering these areas often without being noticed. The mat is made of layers, all of which are topped with adhesives so that when a new and clean one is necessary, the top layer is easily removed, and another adhesive layer is exposed.


For best results, the mats, most of which have adhesive undersides, should be installed closely against the door so there’s no gap between it and the clean area inside. Its size should match the doorway’s width, and it should extend far enough back from the door for a person entering  to step on it with both feet at least once (and preferably more) before they enter the room. The same applies to trolley wheels, which must have space to revolve completely once or more. This will ensure that all parts of the soles and wheels come into contact with the adhesive before entering clean areas.