Adhesive Sign Labels for Residue-Free Removal Without Damage to Substrates

Posted on 4/3/2018 10:08:09 AM By ASC

Avery Products has developed polyester sign labels intended for durability while still being removable without damage to substrates such as paint or plaster. The company says that the labels leave no adhesive residue after removal yet can withstand moisture, exposure to chemicals, and abrasion. The labels can be used in industrial environments where safety or warehouse signage is needed and can also be used for general-purpose labelling in offices, event venues, schools, and homes. 

Avery Surface Safe adhesive sign labels

End-users can choose between printing their own labels using regular desktop printers or the Avery WePrint service can custom-print labels to specification. Avery Products says that its Surface Safe technology allows labels to be removed cleanly for up to three years after being bonded to a surface provided they are used as indicated.