Adhesive Sensors Expand Scope of IoT

Posted on 9/19/2018 7:06:46 AM By ASC

A peelable thin-film electronics circuit assembly method has been developed by researchers at Purdue and the University of Virginia. The research team says that its invention could be used for easy assembly of electronics as well as to help objects to communicate with each other as IoT-enabled devices. Customized film circuits could be developed to give regular objects new functions. For example, a drone could carry a sticker that is also an electronic sensor, helping people to gather data from hazardous areas. 


Unlike regular circuits, the stick-on electronics aren’t made using individual silicone wafers for each circuit. Instead, the film circuits are made using a technique dubbed “transfer printing” in which multiple layers of circuits can be builtonto a single wafer. In traditional manufacturing, circuits are released from the wafer using heat or chemicals, but the new process will allow the circuit to be peeled off the wafer without mechanical stress by submerging it in water. The result is a thin film of circuitry that can be pasted to surfaces, turning ordinary items into electronic devices. 


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