Adhesive Revolutionizes Wearables Turning Clothes Into Fitness Trackers

Posted on 12/27/2017 8:54:00 AM By ASC

Wearable devices that help you to improve your health and fitness are nothing new anymore, but up till now, they’ve always required wearing something extra. Now, a new device is using adhesives to allow people who hope to take better care of their health to turn their regular clothes into fitness monitors. The adhesive lasts two years and allows users to transfer the compact device to fresh clothing items, or even wash and dry the clothing item with the device in situ. Since the battery life is eighteen months, the adhesive will outlast the lifespan of the tag which is limited by its eighteen-month battery life.


The device, dubbed the Spire Health Tag, is meant to be completely unobtrusive and works with an accompanying app that sends alerts when necessary rather than delivering a constant stream of raw data. The Spire Health tag aims to reduce stress through promoting healthy habits, and its makers say that it is the first health monitor that uses adhesives to attacha wearable device to clothing rather than to skin.