Adhesive Performance Tape Study Focuses on Flexible Foams

Posted on 12/14/2020 3:18:12 PM By Label & Narrow Web

The effectiveness of bonding flexible foams with adhesive performance tapes has been put to the test in the second round of a series of studies being carried out by Avery Dennison aimed at determining the effectiveness of adhesive performance tapes when used to bond different materials, as well as for categorizing the tapes according to bonding strength and their ability to fit the characteristics of different materials, so as to allow for easier product selection by customers.

The studies, each of which will be carried out in collaboration with manufacturers of different materials, are performed under extreme and real-world conditions with tight control over environmental conditions in the Avery Dennison Performance Tapes Painesville Innovation Center.

Following their initial study on bonding adhesive performance tapes and non-woven products, the company switched the focus of the second one onto testing the way the tapes meet the challenges provided by flexible foams such as compression, pressure and adhesive mass, as well as the speed of lamination and its temperature.

Using Woodbridge AutoBond flexible foams, the study was conducted using two different laminating methods, and samples were tested at 180°peel adhesion at 12 in/minute. According to the company, this led to the conclusion that heat lamination was the best solution when bonding with this material.