Adhesive Patches for Glucose Monitors get New Look and Style

Posted on 9/28/2021 7:20:31 AM By ASC

Skin Grip, manufacturers of ultra-strong tape for adhering glucose monitors to the skin for as long as 10 days, has decided to add some more color, pattern and style to their adhesive patches for those diabetics who want to make a bold statement rather than opting for the subtlety of skin colors.

The company reports it has already introduced patches which are decorated with camouflage designs in two different color mixes as an addition to its existing range of  single-colored patches, and other designs for alternative patterns are underway.

According to the company, the introduction of camouflage patterns to the original adhesive patches do not impact on the effectiveness or strength of the tape or patches which are designed to prevent glucose monitoring devices from falling off the body even when worn during heavy activity such as walking, running, hunting, hiking, sweating as a result of this physical activity, showering, or restlessly tossing and turning in bed at night. 

Skin Grip reports that ensuring the adherence of glucose monitors is strong and long-lasting is vital because, should the monitor fall and break, the time loss before it is replaced could lead to higher stress levels in diabetics wearing the devices, who would be concerned about the consequences. It could even threaten their health as a result of inaccurate monitoring caused by loss of access to the monitor; being forced, even temporarily, to use other less accurate methods of monitoring such as finger pricks; and possibly having to pause their physical activity.