Adhesive Matting Helps Cut Back on Pain and Payouts – Offering Important Safety Solution

Posted on 3/17/2020 8:40:31 AM By ASC

With the number of slip-and-fall incidents and musculoskeletal problems becoming one of the main causes of absenteeism in industries and businesses because of poor or absent flooring, South African industrial equipment supplier BMG is taking a firm stand aimed at cutting the pain and suffering as well as the costs to companies of lost work days, and injury compensation. And they are doing this by trying to ensure sound footing with a range of both adhesive-backed and loose floor safety products for industrial, hospitality and retail use.

The company reports that the products are designed to cover many of the safety issues facing these operations, from slipping on smooth floors or internal and external stairs or ramps, to the muscle, tendon, nerve and soft tissue pain caused by standing too long in one place on a hard surface.

In the most slip-risky areas such as ramps and stairs adhesive based matting is used to ensure slip protection. When it comes to the musculoskeletal issues, the Anti-fatigue COBA Orthomax PVM foam matting for dry areas is covered by a textured surface to provide cushioning and encourage foot movement to prevent the impact of long periods of standing, while the COBA Rampmat anti-fatigue mats are made from rubber and equipped with drainage holes for wet and oily industrial areas.

The anti-fatigue mats also include the same levels of slip and fire resistance present in other floor safety products, which include everything from Knee-savers for those whose work requires a kneeling position, to protection against electrical hazards when working with high voltage equipment.

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