Adhesive Makes L'Oreal's Reusable UV-Measuring Skin Patch Possible

Posted on 2/12/2018 8:13:08 AM By ASC

Today’s adhesive technologies makes it possible for the makers of wearable devices to produce products that attach directly to substrates, stay in place and yet be easy to peel off. But they can also be reusable, with the adhesive maintaining its stickiness despite the device being removed and replaced.

Skincare company, L’Oreal has used the opportunity to come up with a battery-free wearable device that consists of nothing more than a patch with areas treated with photosensitive dye. People who are concerned about the effects of UV-exposure on skin can attach the patch to sunglasses, a clothing item, or even a fingernail to monitor their sun exposure and protection. A smartphone app interprets the effect of sunshine on the dye and gives the user a report on their UV exposure levels, allowing them to move out of the sun when damage may ensue.

The reusable adhesive layer is the key to making this device, which is expected to cost $30, possible, and L’Oreal expects to launch its adhesive-backed UV monitoring wearable in 2019.