Adhesive Labels Help Simplify Inventory Identification Changes

Posted on 3/4/2020 8:02:01 AM By ASC

Keeping up to date and accurate with SKU inventory labelling in the warehouse has been complicated by the changes brought about by large scale trend and season-based on and off line stores, as well as the increasing demand for bar-code labelling.

Two new options from ID Labels have been introduced as alternatives to the scratch off and re-apply approach long adopted in response to constant changes by warehouse managers. One takes the form of a quickly releasable top coating and label holder, and the other is a new range of repositionable labels.

According to ID Label, its new Eco Beam Renew Rack Cover-up provides a top coating linerless adhesive tape (available either as a continuous strip or with perforations) which can be applied on top of old labels. The company reports that this tape both blocks out any previous labels with its metallized opaque back, and serves as an easily releasable holder for new ones.

ID Label’s second product is Clean Release, preprinted labels in a variety of sizes and colors that can be easily repositioned. Backing them is an adhesive the company reports adheres tightly to multiple surfaces but at the same time leaves no traces when removed in the event of rack label changes.

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