Adhesive Label Company Delivers Exacting Solution for Cardiac Mapper on Medical Charts

Posted on 2/20/2020 8:10:42 AM By ASC

Equipment label manufacturer Resource Label Group has had years of experience manufacturing adhesives labels for equipment in various industries but admits that sometimes the projects get held up by the most unexpected issues like material compatibility that call for something as tiny as a 2mil change in the specifications on adhesive liners.

When the Tennessee company took on transforming a specification drawing of a cardiac mapping device into an identification nameplate which included far more information than just a name and required careful placing on the medical instrument to ensure easy function, it wasn’t these major requirements that turned out to be the biggest challenge.

Instead, the company reports, what seemed to be the perfect adhesive for the project because of its slippage and heat resistance, and short-term repositioning ability, ended up unsuitable because of the thickness, or rather thinness, of the liner. It was too thin to be compatible with the lightly textured and high-surface energy moulded plastic substrate.

According to th Resource Label Group, the only way out of this situation where size really did matter was to change the specification for 5mils of adhesive on a 4.2mil kraft liner for the same adhesive on a 6.2mil liner in order to get the cardiac mapper onto the medical charts.  

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