Adhesive Inner Wall for Heat Shrink Tubing Delivers Benefits for Battery or Power Cable Terminal Applications

Posted on 4/30/2019 7:00:44 AM By ASC

BAATU tubing is used for fast application and TE Connectivity has developed an iteration specifically for battery or power cable to terminal applications in the manufacture of heavy vehicles, generators, and construction equipment. TE Connectivity’s new BAATU heat shrink tubing has a dual wall, exhibits good fire retardant properties and will allow for operation in harsh environments according to the company. 

The tubing has polyolefin jacket and a thermoplastic adhesive inner layer. According to the company, the tubing’s shrink ratio is about 2:1 and should save costs by reducing application time. Specified operating temperatures range from-40 to 130°C and offers excellent electrical insulation and moisture resistance. TE reports that the tubing will protect assemblies from bending and abrasion as well as any exposure to automotive liquids while the adhesive inner layer will secure the electrical wiring.


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