Adhesive Industry Teams Up with Additive Production Company to 3D Print Covid-19 Test Swabs

Posted on 8/4/2020 1:21:03 PM By ASC

With Covid-19 front-liners faced with the shortage of those medical products essential for testing and treatment in response to the pandemic, one adhesive & sealant manufacturer, Henkel, has turned to 3D-printing and developing printable medical polymers, and teamed with Origin in designing a printable nasopharyngeal (NP) swab capable of being produced in scale.

According to the company, this is to find a way to produce these swabs rapidly and at scale to help deal with the particularly large shortage of swabs required for testing existing patients and those at risk of contracting the virus. It attributes the shortage to limited commercial production globally because of the traditional way in which the complex swabs have been made to date which involve the use of multiple materials which have to be joined prior to sterilization and packaging.  

The company reports that the combination of the new range of medical photopolymers which are suitable for 3D printing and their compliance with Origin’s material development processes and systems, as well as Henkel’s mechanical and biocompatibility testing capabilities, will ensure the safety of the swabs, while speeding up the rate and number of testing swabs that can be produced to fill the existing gap. 

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