Adhesive Industry Innovations Focus on Important World Trends

Posted on 11/27/2018 12:35:30 PM By ASC

Adhesive industry organizations around the world report that certain themes for innovation continue to gain momentum. Energy efficiency, recyclability, and adhesive strategies that will allow us to extend products’ lifespan or repair them are among the strategic goals. Manufacturers are using adhesives to reduce their use of plastic in packaging,and the emphasis on positive environmental impacts seems very likely to continue making news. 

Dow, for instance, provides an example of improved recyclability thanks to its PE stand up pouch These traditionally consisted of aluminum and plastic layers – but they couldn’t easily be separated to allow for recycling. Dow developed a pouch in which two layers of recyclable plastic were bonded using a polyurethane adhesive. Now, the entire package can be recycled.

Electronics companies are among the manufacturing concerns interested in peelable liquid adhesives. They bond components securely to their substrates but allow them to be peeled away and replaced if repairs become necessary.

Growing interest in adhesives that are based on or mimic natural proteins has led to a great deal of research and development that targets the replacement of oil-derived adhesive ingredients. Biomimicry continues to draw research interest, with the most recent newsmaker being work on adhesives that will form bonds in wet environments.

Precision engineering industries and the makers of medical implants and appliances continue to express their interest in ultraviolet and electron beam technologies. Currently, UV resins are most often used as laminating adhesives, but their market share grows comparatively slowly compared to the pressure sensitive adhesives market. Once again, the new adhesives target sustainability with reduced use of PVC and solvents.

As ever, the automotive industry’s needs are spurring new developments, and electric vehicles are likely to be an important target for new adhesives. For example, low flammability adhesives that withstand heat could be the solution that’s needed for electric car battery installations.

As technology develops, the need for innovative adhesives develops with it – and the adhesives industry is as ready as ever to develop the materials we need to build a better world.

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