Adhesive Helps Wet Wipes to Stay Moist For Longer

Posted on 11/28/2017 9:54:17 AM By ASC

Just about every family has used wet wipes at some time or another – but in the past, finding an adhesive that could reseal the packaging for as long as it still had wipes to offer has posed a challenge. The problem originated because of the solvents that are used in the wipes, which would degrade the adhesive.

But Avery Dennsion has designed a solution that the company says will keep wet wipes wet for the lifetime of the packaging. Avery carries a range of solvent-resistant adhesives within its “Select Solutions” range, and two of these: MR980R and UVR155 proved to be the solution to the problem. The former is suitable for use on glossy PET-based packaging while the latter is suited to matte-finish packaging types.

The solution suits wet wipes manufacturers and consumer alike. Manufacturers want a good seal and satisfied clients who can use all the wipes they bought. Consumers want an easy dispensing option that will preserve the product and that opens and closes easily.