Adhesive Dispensing Equipment Choices

Posted on 4/8/2016 9:47:38 AM By ASC

Adhesives are playing an important role in innovation of consumer products, but the choice of the right dispensing equipment is as important as using the right adhesives. The materials to be bonded, requirements for curing, cure time and production line requirements are among the considerations to be taken into account.

Manufacturers are advised to discuss the materials that will be used, bond strength requirements and the operating environment in which adhesives must maintain their integrity with adhesives specialists. The volume of adhesives required and the accuracy with which they must be applied will also affect the choice of adhesives and their related dispensing equipment. Low flow, high volume machines dispense accurately over a longer time period, while high flow, low volume machines dispense large amounts of adhesive in short burts.

Manufacturing volumes also play a role. Bulk processing is generally more economical and allows for increased automation including robotics. In this case, options range from simple pneumatic circuitry to integrated PLC controls. System controls and interfaces should also be simple to use and allow for easy maintenance.

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