Adhesive Company Boosts its Predictive MRO Capabilities by Investing in Sensor Tech Start-Up

Posted on 2/3/2021 4:21:49 PM By Bolly Inside

To expand its maintenance, repair and overhaul portfolio to include a broader range of industrial markets, Henkel Adhesives has invested in an Israeli start-up, Feelit. Based in Haifi, Feelit has developed a new approach to predictive maintenance in various manufacturing applications.

Henkel reports that the extremely sensitive and very flexible printed nanomaterial sensor developed by Feelit is based on an industrial IoT platform. It can be applied to both rotating and static machinery, where it measures strain, vibration, temperature and pressure in very high resolution. The sensor operates as an electronic skin which provides warnings well in advance regarding operational anomalies and any critical structural problems that are about to happen.

According to Henkel the investment is aimed at building on its current MRO role which currently involves the provision of suitable adhesives and sealants for maintenance of production machinery and equipment in 800 industry segments such as steel mills, mining, car assemblies, and power turbines, with the aim of lessening unplanned production line stoppages. 

The company reports that with the development of new digital technologies, the concept of predictive maintenance is spreading fast in industry sectors seeking a way to prevent these stoppages before they happen.