Adhesive Companies Team Up to Tackle Bonding for Electric Vehicle Battery Cells

Posted on 6/4/2019 7:11:36 AM By ASC

To address the challenge involved in bonding plastic parts in the high-voltage lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles, high-tech polymer producer Covestro has teamed up with adhesives technology company Henkel in the search for a solution.

The two companies are currently testing the use of Henkel’s UV-activated Loctite adhesive to bond Covestro’s ultra-thin injection-molded battery parts. Particular attention is being paid to whether the combination of the adhesive and the plastic parts made with the one millimeter thick flame-retardant PC+ABS blend, Bayblend FR3040 EV will provide a solution to bonding the cylindrical battery cells with the plastic holder that supports them.

Covestro also hopes that combining the Loctite adhesives, which the company reports can be cured by UV light as a single-component system in under 2 seconds, with the plastic, which is permeable to UV radiation at wavelengths over 380 nanometers, will speed up the cycle times needed to mass produce battery packs and modules.


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