Adhesive Backing Helps Cut Security Wires, Saves Money

Posted on 4/1/2020 6:07:34 AM By ASC

With the importance of home security constantly on the rise, and more and more home-owners attempting to take on security installations themselves, adhesives are stepping into the role of DIY security application superheroes. They are doing this by saving the less handy from hours of hard wiring, as well as cutting costs and adding extra safety to the home by making it near impossible for intruders to disable it by removing the option of cutting the wires.

The adhesive backings fall right in line with the online SimpliSafe concept, an eight-component wireless security system. These include components which are attached to the wall as well as the sensor/magnet combinations which trigger the alert when a door or window is opened. All these are attached by simply removing the adhesive backing’s cover tape, and activated by removing the battery activation strip attached to each of them with easily removable adhesive tape.

The system is powered by a five-year battery and controlled by a base station which holds the fort, keeps the householder in touch with the on line company, a keypad and remote control.

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