Adhesive and Sealant Construction Needs Change With the Times

Posted on 6/2/2020 8:39:07 AM By ASC

With Covid-19 taking and changing lives, needs and opportunities, it’s not surprising that industries struggling for survival are changing, too. The construction industry is among those adapting their focus in response to a drop-off in large projects, and shifting their attention to the requirements of smaller sectors like DIY remodelling and multi-family constructions and the product trends they are following.

What’s Trending in Adhesives?

The demand for fast and strong adhesives is the biggest trend at the moment when choosing construction adhesives. Instant grab is the main attraction, particularly for vertical applications and for bonding tough or heavy materials. This need for speed is leading to the increased popularity of hybrid adhesives that deliver quicker bonds and cut back on the need for bracing and clamping.

Power and durability are also high on the trend list for tough jobs like new construction, heavy remodelling, and installing drywall or subfloors. But professionals are also asking for adhesives that will improve efficiency, are easy to gun, quick and easy to clean-up, and have low-odor formulas.

What’s changing in the World of sealants?

Professionals and the DIY sector are looking for high performance, durability, ease of application and better productivity, as well as any special features that might help optimize those qualities.

At the top of the list is strong adhesion to an increasing number of different substrates ranging from composites and fiber cement through to wood, metal, vinyl and aluminium. Across the board, the demand is also increasing for durable and long-lasting sealants that will survive the elements; are resistant to UV light and repel dirt, water and stains as well as those that can fill larger gaps; and have higher joint movement and flexibility which will allow for contraction and expansion without any loss of adhesion or cracking.

Construction professionals are also asking for sealants that are fast paint and rain-ready, can be applied when the temperature is low or the surfaces are damp or wet. They also want it to be easy to gun-out and to clean up using water.

Hit by these long lists of wants, adhesive and sealant manufacturers are also shifting their focus towards linking their products to specific projects and needs. This is being done with labeling and colour-coding in order to make it easier for users to locate the right match between product and project.