A Sustainable PUR Innovation

Posted on 6/12/2013 10:24:02 AM By ASC

Teroson PU 8590 LD adhesive from Henkel is being used in omnibus construction for reduced weight and improved sustainability. Teroson PU 8590 is a low-density, high-performance, elastic adhesive. On a bus that typically would require 250 kilograms of adhesive, the use of Teroson PU 8590 can reduce the adhesive weight by 20%. Reduced weight translates into lower fuel consumption and emissions once the bus is on the road. Teroson PU 8590 LD provides improved performance and durability as well, with UV resistance that minimizes degradation and black streaks cause by carbon black run-off. In addition, the adhesive is polyurethane based with no organic solvents or other compounds known to be health hazards. Teroson PU 8590 LD will hold large and heavy windows in place for curing and is suitable for glazing on buses, car, trucks, construction vehicles, specialty vehicles, train cars, and luxury boats.