A Sticky Problem: How to Dissolve and Remove Adhesive Residue Left Behind After Use

Posted on 6/25/2020 7:32:08 AM By ASC

Trying to remove residue left behind by non-curing industrial adhesives used for tapes, stickers and labels, can be time-consuming, messy, frustrating, and ultimately ineffective. So can cleaning substrates to enable the application of new sets of similar items, when doing so involves using chlorinated or petroleum-based solvents.

In order to simplify the process, 3M has produced a citrus-based adhesive remover which is available in aerosol cans, spray cylinders, or in bulk containers. According to the company, application of the adhesive remover involves spraying a coating on the surface or parts which are covered with adhesive residue, leaving it for a few minutes to loosen and dissolve the residue, and then wiping the area clean. The adhesive remover can be used in a similar way to clean substrates prior to bonding.

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