A Stainless Steel Putty Compatible with Metal, Wood and Concrete

Posted on 1/9/2020 8:13:14 AM By ASC

While metal may be the main area of operation for Loctite’s Fixmaster Stainless Steel Putty, 97433, the two part epoxy-based putty is by no means restricted to repairing, rebuilding, and restoring metal parts. According to the company, the versatile putty, available in a kit containing both hardener and putty, is also fully compatible with wood and concrete.

Like all Fixmaster composites, the Stainless Steel Putty is formulated with 100% solids, so preventing shrinkage on curing. This rust and corrosion resistant adhesive can be used to repair metal parts and for making stainless steel molds. It has a working time of 20 minutes before setting, and a cure time of 6 hours. It’s non-sag quality allows for adaptation to unusual shapes, and once hardened, it can be drilled, tapped or machined. These performance attributes allow for versatility with regard to repairs and rebuilds of industrial equipment and surfaces.

According to the company, the putty has high compression strength, a shear strength of 1800 psi, tensile strength of 4700 psi, and a shore hardness of 86 Shore D. It also operates at over 225°F (107°C).

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