A Progress Report of the Growth Initiative at ASC

Posted on 5/25/2017 10:57:20 AM By ASC

The Adhesive and Sealant Council started its market growth initiative in 2015 as part of the 2013 Long Range Plan. The intent of this effort is to accelerate adoption of adhesives and sealants solutions and help minimize barriers to market growth.

Early in 2015, ASC had identified three potential markets for the task force to consider; Electronics; Building and Construction and Transportation. After much consideration and evaluating market dynamics the task force felt that the sub-segments of light duty cars/trucks and heavy truck and bus sub-segments within transportation provided the best potential markets for future growth for ASC Members. A supportive regulatory environment with federal agency requirements like the corporate average fuel economy CAFÉ standards set for 2025 have played a role with the industry trying to achieve the new long term standards.

As a second step to look further into the key sub-segments within the Transportation Market Segment,Ducker Worldwide was retained by ASC to write a report for ASC members to further investigate joining method options, key decision drivers, channel implications and strategic decisions of multi-materials use. This report is free to ASC members and can be previewed HERE

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For the past 29 months ASC and the Task Force on Growth has developed marketing collateral and is using the transportation landing page on the end user’s website to store this information. 

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ASC and its members are positioned to help connect design engineers, specifiers and those who influence materials decisionsand provide ASC members adhesive and sealant solutions using the ASC Vendor Select Tool. This tool will provide which ASC members supply adhesives and sealants solutions for automotive, heavy truck and bus applications. Results like;long lasting strong bonds, contribution to light weighting and reducing noise vibration and harshness (NVH) within the cabin are just a few of the attributes that sourcing teams in the value chain may consider when trying to bond dissimilar materials like aluminum, composites, steel, and thermoplastics. On the ASC Transportation landing page are 3 mini white papers that raise awareness and highlight the opportunity for joining stakeholders. Additional resources are blogs written by subject matter experts, OnDemand automotive webinars with presentations from end users and consultants that address trends and market drivers. Additionally, ASC has also developed a video highlighting the value of light weighting and advantage of more efficient vehicles. 

In an effort to identify business opportunities for its members, ASC joined the Institute for Advanced Composite Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) as an affiliate member in 2016. Joining IACMI has provided ASCmembers access at technology based projects and ASC is currently acting as an information broker to members in the transportation space. As an effort to triangulate IACMI efforts within relevant projects to ASC members, ASC is sending communications to its members called “opportunity scouts”. This ASC member-only service is intended to highlight adhesive related business opportunities with IACMI projects that could lead to the pairing of OEM partners with individual ASC Members.

As an effort to reach down the value chain,ASC has hosted speaking engagements, webinars and trade booth efforts at American Composite Manufacturing Association (ACMA), Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and Great Designs in Steel (GDIS) between 2016-2017.

ASC is currently working with the Growth Task Force to develop an adhesive selection guide. This guide will provide important design, material property, and performance considerations for structural adhesives and sealants used by OEMs and tier suppliers for body-in-whiteapplications for the automotive and heavy truck industries. ASC expects to publish this guide in the late summer of 2017.

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