3M Headquarters Leads Way in Switch to 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Posted on 5/1/2019 11:21:39 AM By ASC

3M has announced that all its facilities will run on renewable energy – but it isn’t waiting to show results. The company’s headquarters has already made the change to clean energy, “flipping the switch” at the beginning of March. The 400+ acre facilities at St Paul now receive energy from a wind farm located in Pipestone, Minnesota.

The company now has 30 percent renewable energy in its mix but says it won’t be stopping there. By 2025, the multinational wants 50 percent of its global energy use to come from renewable sources. Apart from focusing on energy, 3M says it will be targeting water usage with an eye to reductions and says that climate and energy targets are a strategic focus.

3M began its pollution prevention initiatives during the nineteen seventies and says it believes big brands should lead by example to stimulate positive action from other businesses.