3M Aerospace Launches Removable Gel Tape for Corrosion Protection of Aircraft Floorboards

Posted on 10/11/2012 8:28:01 AM By AZoM; Nick Gilbert

3M Aerospace's recently launched 3M Removable Gel Tape is designed to protect aircraft floorboards from corrosion by acting as a sealant, removing the need for expensive repairs and helping to avoid the aircraft being taken out of service. The gel tape is offered in one side and two-sided adhesive versions, and the products weigh less than existing gel tapes. The gel tapes can be easily detached and repositioned, while less labor is needed for cleaning aircraft floor beams after tape removal because the tapes do not leave much residue and do not ball or pill. The tapes were found to strip away cleanly even after being in use for nine to 12 months. The products only have to be applied to the beam subsequent to which the floor panel can be fitted, and they offer convenient handling through their low roll unwind tension and the easy cutting they enable. The tapes are made from 2 mm thick polyester, which allows screw penetration, and they are in compliance with the recent fire resistance norms outlined by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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