2D Digital Adhesives Application Leads to Better Precision and Quality, Plus Lower Labor Costs

Posted on 8/31/2021 7:15:18 AM By ASC

As the use of 2D digital application for adhesives and coatings is adopted into a wider number of industrial sectors, now ranging from electronics and automobile assembly to sports apparel and footwear production, high performance polyurethane and polymer company, and supplier of raw materials for coatings and adhesives, Covestro reports the switch is based on the precision, flexibility, and ease of application of digital application.

According to Covestro, using 2D printing to apply hot melt adhesives is fitting the needs of electronic parts assembly because of its precision and high-performance. Using digitally applied aliphatic hot melt adhesives material has reduced the number of processing steps, as well the need for manual adhesive application in the labor-intensive footwear industry. 

The company reports that motivation to use 2D printing in automobile coating lies primarily in that the use of printed high-performance coatings can supply precise and maskless application, while avoiding the need for spraying (and overspraying) which is required in the current automobile coating process.