2017-2020 North American Market Report for Adhesives and Sealants

Posted on 6/7/2018 5:02:34 PM By Steve Duren, Senior Director Member Services

The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) has published a new North America Market Report that provides the 2017 adhesive and sealant global market size: 59 Billion U.S. Dollars and the growth forecast to 2020 by segment for the following regions: North America, South America, Europe/Middle East &Africa (EMEA) & Asia Pacific (APAC). Find the press release HERE.

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The report further quantifies the seven main market segments and sub-segments for North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico) to include: Assembly Operations, Building & Construction, Consumer/DIY, Footwear & Leather, Paper, Board & Related Products including Flexible Packaging, Transportation, and Woodworking & Joinery. The report identifies key trends, end user unmet needs, ananalysis of the impact of the most recent merger &acquisitions (adhesive and sealant) transactions, raw material market dynamics, a policy shift in retail markets, key regulatory issues, adhesive and sealant specifications/test methods, a section dedicated to distribution and channels and an analysis of  industry market drivers and implications by segment.  The report also includes adhesive and sealant stakeholders’ commentary relative to their experiences and perspectives on bonding and materials trends and drivers.

ASC affiliate member and consulting firm The ChemQuest Group, Inc. authored the report for ASC.The ASC Global Resources Committee outlined what the membership wanted in a new North America Report, helped to craft the RFP, and served as chapter reviewers to vet ChemQuest’s research compilation and analysis.

The report is:

  • 830 slides in length
  • Formatted in PDF and was created using PowerPoint
  • Of high value for making critical business and R&D decisions through 2020, with easy to snip charts, graphics and verbatim quotes
  • Representative of the full A&S supply chain comprising 282 industry interviews with Raw Material Suppliers, Equipment Suppliers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Chemical-focused Trade Associations, Government Agencies, End Users, Consultants, Retail Channel entities, and brands and converters.

Examples of companies interviewed for the report:

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Focus Areas of the Report Include: 

  • Global Regional Overview of the global adhesives marketssize and growth rates
  • Prominent section on Automotive:

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View the TABLE OF CONTENTS for the entire report.

  • Detailed 2017 Utilization of Sealants (USA/Canada/Mexico) across 20 chemistry types split by four segments of Building & Construction, Transportation, Assembly Operations, and Consumer/DIY, and further divided bysub-segment market size (millions of lbs. and $ value in millions):
    • B & C
      • Construction/Renovation
      • OEM/Maintenance
      • Insulated Glass
      • Heavy Construction
      • Alternate Energy
  • Transportation split by 20 chemistry sealant types across:
    • Passenger cars/lights trucks assembly & components (OEM)
    • Repair & Maintenance (aftermarket)
    • Truck & Bus (OEM)
    • Bicycles, motorcycles, and RVs
    • Aircraft/aerospace
    • Railway (including light rail)
    • Shipbuilding & offshore

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  • Assembly Operations
    • Appliances
    • Electronics Equipment
    • Metal Cabinets & Housings
    • Other

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  • Quantitative data (2017 demand in $ and millions of lbs.)for the following 7 segment and sub-segments are featured in the report for USA/Canada and Mexico:

    • Paper Board and Related Products
      • Converting & Packaging
      • Flexible Packaging
      • High Gloss Laminating for Graphic Arts
      • Bookbinking Graphic Arts Industry
      • Non-Woven Fabrics (Disposables-Hygiene)
      • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

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    • Building & Construction
      • On-site applications
      • Civil Engineering
      • Off-site applications

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    • Transportation
      • Passenger cars/lights trucks assembly & components (OEM)
      • Repair & Maintenance (aftermarket)
      • Truck & Bus (OEM)
      • Bicycles, motorcycles, and RVs
      • Aircraft/aerospace
      • Railway (including light rail)
      • Shipbuilding & offshore
    • Assembly Operations
      • Sandwich panel manufacture
      • Appliances & Electric/ Electronic Equipment
      • Heating Venting and Air Conditioning
      • Mechanical Equipment
      • Flexible Materials
      • Medical Applications
      • Sports Equipment & Toys
      • Abrasives/Filters
      • Composite Materials
      • Other

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    • Woodworking & Joinery
      • Cabinet making
      • Furniture manufacture
      • Window & Door
      • Upholstery
    • Retail and Do It Yourself
      • Household/DIY
    • Footwear & Leather
      • Footwear
      • Leather

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