What Some of the Architectural / Building & Construction Community is Doing to Support HPDs

Posted on 1/27/2014 6:02:12 PM. By Paul Bertram

What will you do when your technical department receives a letter like this? Here is what some of the architectural community is doing to...


Packaging End-of-Life Options Other Than Recycling

Posted on 1/22/2014 6:51:44 PM. By Jeff Timm

End-of-life (EOL) options other than solid waste land-fill have been a major topic in the world of packaging for a number of years. ...


Singular Product Claims Have Evolved into the Broader Green Initiatives of Today

Posted on 1/6/2014 7:55:21 PM. By Bob Braun

In my last post, I reviewed how formulators can employ green chemistry and still achieve the best sustainability results for the building...