Recycling of Plastic Thermoformed Articles

Posted on 9/19/2013 3:00:47 PM. By Jeff Timm

Much has been written in this packaging blog about end-of-life options for materials used in packaging; compostability, biodegradation, w...


Epoxy Adhesives, Part 3

Posted on 9/11/2013 8:44:12 PM. By Sandra Niks

The epoxy resins, curing agents, fillers and other additives used in formulating epoxy adhesives have been reviewed in the first two part...


A World View of Sustainability in Building Construction and Green Building

Posted on 9/11/2013 8:35:55 PM. By Bob Braun

In my last post, I reviewed the history of building sustainability and the evolution of USGBC and LEED.  In this post, I briefly su...