Sealants Are Filling the Gaps Left by Gaskets

Posted on 5/27/2020 6:16:38 PM. By ASC

As adhesives increasingly take over the duties of mechanical fasteners in assemblies, sealants are joining them by staging a similar take...


What IS the Difference Between an Adhesive and a Sealant?

Posted on 5/21/2020 3:52:21 PM. By ASC

Adhesives and sealants are often seen as veteran partners that are joined at the hip, but while they often work together, they perform di...


LIVE WEBINAR: Organofunctional Silane Adhesion Promoters: Use

Posted on 5/12/2020 7:53:09 PM. By ASC


Foam Adhesive Tapes Used in Place of Mechanical Fasteners in Critical Applications

Posted on 5/12/2020 1:48:34 PM. By ASC

VHB soft foam-centred tapes may have been around for 40+ years, but the adhesive tapes have been adapting along with changes in technolog...