LIVE WEBINAR: Silicone Sealant and Adhesives (Part 2)

Posted on 2/9/2019 4:24:17 PM. By ASC


LIVE WEBINAR: Silicone Sealant and Adhesives (Part 1)

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Swiss Scientists Develop New Hydrogel to Repair Cartilage

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Hydrogels have been the subject of study as medical adhesives that could repair internal tissues or close wounds, but a research team fro...


Medical Adhesive Uses UV Light to Painlessly Remove Bandages and Tape from Patients

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The age old debate to slowly peel off a bandage or just rip it off in one quick motion has been the subject of strong opinion. Now, thank...


Drug Company Works With Avery Dennison to Recycle Label Liners

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Himalaya Drug Company, an Indian manufacturer of drugs and personal care products, and Avery Dennison have announced that they will ...


Adhesive Industry Innovations Focus on Important World Trends

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Adhesive industry organizations around the world report that certain themes for innovation continue to gain momentum. Energy efficiency, ...


Adhesives Make Wearable Diabetes Monitors User-Friendly

Posted on 11/2/2018 2:23:26 PM. By ASC

While patients with diabetes can live full lives despite their condition, monitoring blood glucose is vitally important. A wearable monit...