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Posted on 12/23/2020 8:51:09 PM. By ASC


Renewable Materials Silicone Sealant Production Gets REDcert2 Certification

Posted on 12/3/2020 3:35:52 PM. By Webwire

Munich-based WACKER chemie AG chemicals has received two important certifications from TÜV Nord for its resource-efficient system ai...


New Sustainability Forum for Packaging Industry

Posted on 11/3/2020 4:13:15 PM. By Label & Narrow Web

With the packaging industry constantly changing, and developing new approaches to novel, attractive, cost effective and, increasingly, su...


Why Data Sheets Should Only be a Starting Point for Adhesives & Sealants Development

Posted on 10/28/2020 2:14:56 PM. By

Sometimes data sheets are just not enough, and the process involve in designing, developing and processing new adhesives could easily be ...


Dow Named One of “50 Companies that Care”

Posted on 9/29/2020 6:48:04 PM. By ASC

Michigan-based multinational chemicals company Dow has been named one of the “50 Companies that Care” in this year&...


Green Manufacturing Using LED’s for UV Curing of Adhesives and Sealants

Posted on 7/23/2020 4:16:19 PM. By asc

UV radiation delivered through LED lamps is fast becoming mainstream for curing/drying resins, polymers, adhesives and coatings in the gr...


Adding Moisture-Permeability to Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Helps Protect Skin from Effects of Wearable Devices

Posted on 7/14/2020 1:50:32 PM. By ASC

Adhesive changes have been made to the pressure-sensitive adhesive sheets used to adhere small monitoring devices directly to the skin in...