LIVE WEBINAR: Mixing of Viscous and Complex Fluids

Posted on 1/26/2022 12:51:26 PM. By ASC


Manufacturers Producing More Sustainable Adhesives and Sealants for Packaging and Construction Industries

Posted on 1/20/2022 1:12:59 PM. By ASC

As the global sustainability focus increasingly falls on the massive construction and packaging industries, manufacturers of adhesive and...


New Maintenance Workshops to Help End Users Reduce Plant Downtime

Posted on 1/13/2022 1:44:26 PM. By Manmonthly

To emphasize the advantages of regular proactive maintenance, and its success in reducing costly downtime in industries, Henkel Australia...


Using the Right Testing Equipment and Approach for Different Force Measurements of Adhesives

Posted on 1/12/2022 5:01:38 PM. By ASC

Testing equipment for force measurement of adhesives prior to them being used in applications has eased the amount of physical motion and...


New Hybrid AMP Sealants for Increased Weatherability and Durability

Posted on 1/11/2022 5:23:53 PM. By Adhesive Magazine

Adhesive & Sealant manufacturer DAP recently announced new advanced hybrid sealants aimed to outperform silicone and provide maximum ...


Adhesives Group Acquires Sealants Company

Posted on 1/6/2022 2:00:05 PM. By Indiana Business

ASI specializes in the innovation of product assembly adhesives and sealants. These dynamic solutions are used in multiple applications a...


Adhesive Dots vs. Glue Guns – a Comparison of Benefits & Capabilities

Posted on 1/5/2022 5:20:48 PM. By Chicago Tribune

Glue guns and adhesive dots are fairly similar in the wide range of applications for which they can be used, but they do differ in how th...


Choosing the Right Adhesives for Bonding Metals

Posted on 12/30/2021 2:06:17 PM. By Bob Vila

Adhesives have increasingly been taking over the bonding function from mechanical fasteners, and in doing so bonding wider ranges and typ...


How Sealants Maximize the Lifespan of Driveways

Posted on 12/22/2021 12:51:54 PM. By Life Hacker

Paved driveways take a lot of strain all year round, but are particularly affected during the winter months when extra amounts of rock sa...


New Polyurethane Additives Capabilities Added with New Laboratory & Innovation Facility in Germany

Posted on 12/13/2021 3:11:01 PM. By Adhesive Magazine

Industry supplier Evonik recently announced that it has expanded with a new state-of-the-art polyurethane (PU) laboratory and i...