Adhesives and Sealants Chemical Management and Sustainability Benefits in Retail Markets

Published 2019 by The Adhesive & Sealant Council (ASC)


This guide is prepared by The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) and its members, who are manufacturers, raw material suppliers and affiliate members, who supply retail channels with adhesive and sealant products. 

This guide is intended for use by those in the retail supply chain. The information encourages a science risk-based approach to chemical management while providing an overview of the sustainability benefits of caulks and sealants.

Topics covered in this guide include:

  • DIY/Retail Channel Suppliers & Manufacturers
  • Size of the Adhesive & Sealant (A&S) Industry
  • A&S Global Market
  • Why Adhesives and Sealants are Important
  • Sustainability Benefits
  • Critical Air Sealing in a Residential Home
  • Self-Adhering and Liquid Applied Flashings
  • Aerosol Foam Sealants & Gunnable Subfloor Adhesives
  • A&S and Sustainability
  • Volunteerism & Community Involvement
  • Chemical Transparency
  • Collective Management Policy/Approach
  • More Information About A&S Products

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