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9/12/2019 5:16:42 PM

Product Ecolabels and Certifications Driving Search on LinkedIn

9/11/2019 4:39:41 PM

New Portable Cylinder Spray Adhesive for Construction Materials

3M has released a new portable cylinder spray adhesive called the HoldFast 70. The company reports that the new adhesive is versatile, ea...

9/10/2019 12:09:29 PM

New Adhesive Bandage Based on Fetal Skin’s Healing Abilities

Scientists from Harvard and McGill University in Canada have developed a new form of active adhesive dressing their research suggests wil...


9/12/2019 3:43:01 PM

Selling Through Gatekeepers: Process Matters

This is part one of a two-part article on the unusual nature of the sales processfor manufacturers in the building and construction (B&am...

8/19/2019 3:57:55 PM

ASC Approach to Growth 2.0, A Focus on Building and Construction

The ASC Board of Directors has released funds from reserves to fund research in the building and construction market sector. The B&C ...

8/19/2019 3:37:26 PM

From Product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to Whole Building LCA

Part one of a Two-part Blog At the April 2019 ASC Spring Conference in Philadelphia, I was asked to speak on the business case for LCA....

Case Studies

10/24/2016 9:32:18 PM

Adhesives and Sealants for Automotive Weight Reduction, Safety, and Performance Webinar:  Adhesives and Sealants for Automotive Weight Reduction, Safety, and Performance Available for Viewing U...

7/27/2015 7:17:41 PM

Chemical Assessment State of the Science: Evaluation of 32 Decision-support Tools Used to Screen and Prioritize Chemicals

ABSTRACT: The last decade has seen an increased focus on evaluating the safety and sustainability of chemicals in consumer and industrial...

6/16/2015 2:05:45 PM

New Environmental Graphics Take the Santiago Sharks into the Sea

At first glance, students and guests visiting Santiago High School may think they’re entering an aquarium filled with sand, se...