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In adhesive and sealant applications, the path to high quality end-products begins by selecting the right dispensing and application equipment. When reviewing your options – from unloading and delivery systems to application and auxiliary equipment – many factors must be considered to ensure that most appropriate and reliable technology is selected for your application. To select the best dispensing and application equipment for your specific needs, it will help to examine the following:

  1. How much adhesive is used per assembly?
  2. How many assemblies will be produced per day?

    The answers to 1 & 2 can help select the right package size based on a reasonable number of changeovers per day and the adhesive shelf life. If frequent changeovers are required, an automatic unloading system can be considered to reduce labor costs. The unloading system must match the adhesive form.

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  3. What packaging is available for the appropriate adhesives, and in what form is it provided?
  4. How critical is the adhesive application? What is the minimum adhesive required to get a strong enough bond? Conversely, if too much adhesive is applied, will it result in any of the following:
    1. Poor appearance
    2. Buildup of adhesive on fixtures
    3. Interferes with other functions
    4. Slow cure causes problems in the rest of the process
    5. Extra cost due to wasted adhesive

Answers to number 4 will help to determine the type of applicator and the delivery system. The more critical the application and the higher the production rate, the more automation and control are required.

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