Adhesives & Sealants

An introduction to adhesives and sealants. This section provides a basic understanding of fastening and bonding, the benefits of adhesives and sealants over mechanical fasteners, and market and application usage.

Benefits of Adhesives & Sealants

Adhesives and sealants trump other fastening methods. They bost better product performace, durability, reliability, and contribute to a more astethically pleasing final product.


Fastening & Bonding

In order to assemble the wide range of equipment and devices made with metal substrates, manufacturers rely upon several diverse bonding methods including thermal joining, mechanical fastening, and adhesive bonding.


Science of Adhesion

The science behind why an adhesive bonds; adhesion & cohesion; surface treatment; and wetting.


Adhesives & Sealants Overview

The world around us, and hence our lifestyle and the way we work, are changing at breakneck pace. Who would have thought just 20 years ago that computers and mobile phones would now be a part of everyday life? Who could have imagined a 3-litre car engine? And who could have dreamed of detachable adhesive strips which do not tear away the wallpaper when a poster is removed?


Markets & Applilcations

Market specific information regarding the seven major North American market segments--Paper Board & Packaging; Woodworking & Joinery; Building & Construction; Transportation; Assembly Operations; Footwear & Leather; and Consumer & DIY can be found here.