Newly-Released Breathable, Plasticizer-Free Adhesives Will Have Multiple Uses

Posted on 2/8/2018 5:15:05 PM By ASC

The Lubrizol Corporation has launched two plasticizer-free thermoplastic polyurethane adhesives that the company expects to perform well across a broad range of applications. The products form part of the Pearlbond 300 TPU series of adhesives and feature a low activation temperature and the ability to bond a wide variety of substrates.

The hot-melt adhesives can be used to bond technical textiles, can be used in the manufacture of apparel, footwear, and conveyor belts, and will tolerate exposure to hostile environments and heavy use according to the company. Pearlbond 360 TPU is breathable, while Pearlbond 960 TPU is designed for outdoor applications where UV resistance is required.

In line with the rest of the Pearlbond range, the company reports that both adhesives combine high bond strength with durability, and the ability to withstand impact and temperature fluctuations. The company says that its new products were designed to meet customer requirements and that it will continue to search for ways to meet specific needs across the industries it serves.