Adhesives Facilitate Lightweighting Advances

Posted on 1/8/2016 11:31:07 AM By ASC

Manufacturers face the challenge of reducing product weight for a number of reasons. Lightweighting reduces energy consumption, improves portability, allows for an attractive aesthetic, and often reduces manufacturing costs.

Specialized adhesives are able to overcome challenges such as bonding heavier and lighter substrates, bonding dissimilar substrates, noise reduction and reduction of vibration, reinforcement of weaker materials, resistance to heat and visual enhancement of products. As a result, adhesive technologies have become important in a wide range of applications, particularly in automotive manufacture and consumer electronics and appliances. These industries seek solutions that will allow for lightweighting and an attractive aesthetic.

Today, adhesives enable manufacturers to overcome a variety of lightweighting challenges including the bonding of material combinations that are not suitable for traditional fasteners and the separation of dissimilar substrates such as steel and aluminium that corrode when in direct contact with one another.