Adhesive Tapes From Tesa Improve Efficiency in the Design and Manufacture of Vehicles

Posted on 11/19/2012 12:24:16 PM By The Engineer (United Kingdom)

Tesa says its ACXplus tapes enable the secure and permanent bonding of components to vehicles, and are also suitable for non-productive automotive applications. During the assembly process, for example, where exterior surfaces are potentially susceptible to damage, products such as Tesa 51134 tape can be applied to ensure component protection. The range also includes products developed for interior and decorative trims, floor coverings, and door panels. Adhesive tapes are claimed to ensure better power to weight ratios and enhanced fuel efficiency. The use of double-sided tapes can deliver a cleaner, smoother aesthetic on panels, badges, trims and emblems. The ACXplus range is resilient to external factors such as moisture, ultraviolet radiation, and temperature fluctuations. A special curing chemistry is said to create a high-performing resistance structure, and the tapes manage stress dissipation very well due to their "viscoelastic" properties.

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