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1/19/2017 5:05:47 PM

New Adhesive Released for Precision Electronics

In the electronics industry, smaller is better, but that brings about additional challenges including the need for precision adhesives. N...

1/17/2017 6:13:01 PM

Glow-Worm Secretion Could Form Basis of New Adhesive

A new idea for a biomimicry adhesive based on the chemistry used by Arachnocampa glow-worms is being explored. The fungus gnat larva...

1/12/2017 7:29:09 PM

ChemQuest Group Appoints New Technology and Innovations Director

The ChemQuest Group, strategists for the specialty chemicals industry, has appointed Dr. Sudhir Hublikar as its Technology and Innovation...


1/18/2017 3:56:42 PM

Imparting Barrier Properties in Flexible Packaging Applications

Each layer in multilayer flexible packaging serves unique property for the benefit in its end use application, esp. for improving the she...

11/22/2016 6:26:12 PM

Greenbuild 2016: COP21, LEED, v4 Materials, Health-focused Design, Red List Free, EPA Standards, EcoLabels

As of this blog, I am headed for Greenbuild 2016 in Los Angeles This should be an interesting conference with LEEDv4 becoming the current...

11/7/2016 6:48:44 PM

Automotive Adhesives and Sealants Build Brand Equity and Consumer Appeal

Much has been written about how adhesives and sealants help automakers improve the performance, safety, and fuel economy of cars and ligh...


5/24/2016 4:52:49 PM

Global Competitiveness in the Rail and Transit Industry

2/20/2014 5:05:56 PM

Carton Container Recycling

8/5/2013 2:44:07 PM

Aluminum Impact Extrusion Can Making

Case Studies

10/24/2016 9:32:18 PM

Adhesives and Sealants for Automotive Weight Reduction, Safety, and Performance Webinar:  Adhesives and Sealants for Automotive Weight Reduction, Safety, and Performance Available for Viewing U...

7/27/2015 7:17:41 PM

Chemical Assessment State of the Science: Evaluation of 32 Decision-support Tools Used to Screen and Prioritize Chemicals

ABSTRACT: The last decade has seen an increased focus on evaluating the safety and sustainability of chemicals in consumer and industrial...

6/16/2015 2:05:45 PM

New Environmental Graphics Take the Santiago Sharks into the Sea

At first glance, students and guests visiting Santiago High School may think they’re entering an aquarium filled with sand, se...