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Adhesion Society Papers

10/28/2013 7:52:16 PM


Introduction The wetting properties of surface-modified polymers are important for a variety of reasons. Wettability measurements&n...

10/28/2013 7:49:14 PM

Advances and Opportunities in Soft Adhesives

Soft adhesives or pressure-sensitive-adhesives (PSA) have been known for some time in applications and in particular the ubiquitous Scotc...

10/28/2013 7:03:40 PM

Precise Design of Antifouling, Intelligent Adhesion Surfaces through Polyelectrolyte Brush Immobilization

Since surfaces and interfaces of soft materials play an important role in various technological applications, precise control of soft int...


2/20/2014 5:05:56 PM

Carton Container Recycling

8/5/2013 2:44:07 PM

Aluminum Impact Extrusion Can Making

8/5/2013 2:38:08 PM

Aluminum Can Making Process

Case Studies

2/25/2014 9:43:46 PM

Sustainability E-Book

2/19/2013 3:50:20 PM

2011 Postconsumer Plastics Recycling in Canada

Introduction This is the third year that Moore Recycling Associates has conducted a survey to determine the amount of postconsumer plas...

3/7/2012 7:51:05 PM

Covering your Glass


4/22/2014 3:43:50 PM

New Multi-Material Fast Cure Adhesive with High Gap Filling Ability and Bond Strength By Loctite

Henkel Austraila presents Loctite 3090, a new multi-material adhesive that represents the latest in 2-component adhesive technology. Loct...

4/22/2014 3:40:53 PM

High-performing Surgical Adhesive Utilizes Nanoparticles

A newly developed medical adhesive uses silica or iron oxide nanoparticles to heal wounds or incisions. The nanoparticles are in a liquid...

4/22/2014 3:37:37 PM

Post-It-Notes for Feet: Sticky Protein Enhances Starfish Stride

Belgian researchers have been exploring a protein that starfish use to make their feet sticky. Starfish feet are made for staying attache...


4/23/2014 6:47:29 PM


I’m WARNING You I'll begin with a confession …..I have a baseball addiction.   My wife says I should seek help, bu...

4/21/2014 2:18:04 PM

Balancing the Value Attributes of a Product for a Green World

In my last two posts, I began a review of the historic versus the newly evolving challenges for the modern formulator. I also considered ...

3/31/2014 6:47:51 PM

Are You Ready to LEEDv4?

LEEDv4 Background At Greenbuild 2013, in November, the US Green Building Council formally launched LEEDv4. This announcement was proce...