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5/24/2016 5:00:35 PM

Active Minerals International (AMI) Expanding Capacity

Process improvements aimed at expanding capacity are being undertaken by Active Minerals International (AMI), the world’s largest m...

5/23/2016 3:29:13 PM

Super-Thin Adhesive Patch Offers Wide Range of Wearable Applications

PCH has begun marketing a super-thin wearable adhesive patch the uses Near-field Communication (NFC) RFID technology. It has found its fi...

5/19/2016 3:15:26 PM

BMW Carbon Core Lightweighting and Engine Noise Reduction Made Possible with Adhesives

In recent years, auto makers have been taking advantage of the opportunities for lightweighting and noise reduction made possible by new,...


5/11/2016 4:14:15 PM

Adhesives Help Prevent Food Waste

Worldwide, an astonishing amount of food – about one-third – is wasted or lost each year. That’s enough food to feed ev...

4/22/2016 2:23:50 PM

Spring Has Sprung: Consumer Packaging Demands

This has been a strange winter, much warmer and less snowy than usual on the shore of Lake Erie. Instead of parkas and snow squalls for t...

4/5/2016 12:10:53 AM

Recent Technology Advancements in Debondable Adhesives

Adhesive are generally used to bond substrates with similar and different surface energies quickly and reliably.  Yet, in many insta...

White Papers

5/19/2016 4:23:21 PM

WHITE PAPER: Adhesive Opportunity and Outlook in Light Vehicles

5/19/2016 4:19:24 PM

WHITE PAPER: Adhesives and Joining Methods in Land Transportation

12/8/2015 1:35:05 PM

Equation to Calculate Compliance of Adhesives - American Chemical Society

The American Chemical Society (ACS) recently released a white paper (available to subscribers) introducing an equation that can be used t...


5/24/2016 4:52:49 PM

Global Competitiveness in the Rail and Transit Industry

2/20/2014 5:05:56 PM

Carton Container Recycling

8/5/2013 2:44:07 PM

Aluminum Impact Extrusion Can Making

Case Studies

7/27/2015 7:17:41 PM

Chemical Assessment State of the Science: Evaluation of 32 Decision-support Tools Used to Screen and Prioritize Chemicals

ABSTRACT: The last decade has seen an increased focus on evaluating the safety and sustainability of chemicals in consumer and industrial...

6/16/2015 2:05:45 PM

New Environmental Graphics Take the Santiago Sharks into the Sea

At first glance, students and guests visiting Santiago High School may think they’re entering an aquarium filled with sand, se...

1/8/2015 7:41:43 PM

Thinking Beyond Meaning with “New Business”

Eighteen students in the 2014 Yale Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Graphic Design program created the “New Business” exhibit&n...